Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tamaki College sports

Tamaki College, a place located beyond Glen Innes, or just down the road from Point England School. Tamaki college has all kinds of interesting cultures but mostly Maori and Polynesian. Some faces would appear familiar to others. That is because some students from Tamaki college came from  Point England school.

We go to Tamaki College because it gives the older students experience with younger students for their sports activities. We come down so were not stuck in the class all day. The tutors are Year 12 students that attend Tamaki College. They are teaching us P.E. skills. They learn about leadership skills for N.C.E.A.

P.E. helps to us get fitter and it helps to train our muscles. It helps for long term health or even become interested in sports or social activities.

Our experience with sports at Tamaki College is fun and can sometimes be exciting. It includes different activities like electric fence, blindfolded course (things like jumping on to things).

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  1. Hey Neo, my name is Joshua Turnipseed and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I am enrolled in EDM310 where I was assigned to comment on your blog. Tamaki College sounds like a fun experience, I know when I was your age I was always glad to get out of the classroom. Staying healthy and fit is very important and it is great to get in the habit now, rather than later.


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